Alarm Clocks - Modern LED Mirror Alarm Clock Digital Snooze Table Clock

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Looking for a modern Digital Alarm clock?

We have perfectly selected these fantastic rectangular and square digital alarm clocks for you. 



✔ LED time display

✔ 12/24-hour format optional

✔ Alarm clock and snoring

✔ The temperature is displayed as °C or °F

✔ Temperature range: 0°C-50°C

✔ Time memory function (3XAAA battery for time memory)

✔ USB charging cable (included)

✔ Night mode setting (18:00-06:00)

✔ Mirror function

✔ Time and temperature switch display

✔ 2 brightness level

✔ Five function buttons (MODE, ALARM, SNZ / LIGHT, UP, DOWN)

✔ Power consumption: 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Portable Digital Clock. Love traveling? No problem. This clock will be your best companion. Its compact size will make it easy to carry in your luggage. 

 Easy To Operate. The LED Alarm Clock is battery operated and has five function buttons. The alarm can be easily set up using the alarm button. Want to sleep another 10 minutes, just press the snooze button. Need to check the time in a dark room, press the light button. If you have to change the time or reset the alarm, press the up or down button to the desired time. 

USB Cable. You have the choice of how to charge the clock. This alarm clock gives you the choice between using 3 batteries or the USB cable. If you have a laptop or desktop computer you can easily charge the clock with the USB cable,

Large Numbers Display. Unlike analog clocks, this digital clock has a light button and displays large numbers which make it easy to read from a distance. Thus, perfect for people with low vision.